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Jun 29

What To Do To Prevent an Ingrown Toenail

What To Do To Prevent an Ingrown Toenail An ingrown toenail is a situation whereby your toenail grows in to the skin surrounding your toe, instead of growing over that skin. This condition is prevalent with the big toe. However, this does not mean that it cannot happen to the other toes. In the case …

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Nov 18

What Other Options Do I Have Aside From Surgery?

There are several plastic surgery options to change or improve the face and body. When consulting a surgeon, it’s important to be openly honest, but one should also be willing to listen to his recommendations and suggestions. For instance, a surgeon might suggest a different option that yields the same result. Oftentimes, a less invasive …

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Apr 17

Properly Kenneling your Dog

Dogs are considered a part of the family, but there are occasions where a dog will not be welcomed, so if you’re heading on vacation, you will need to find somewhere to kennel your dog. It’s not as easy as just dropping your furry friend off at the local pet boarding business. Here are a …

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